last weekend in pictures...

I have trouble even putting into words how amazing our whole weekend was!
Noah & I went on our first day trip, up to Payson (his home town) with a few neighboring towns in on the action. We went horseback riding (which he surprised me with!), looked at views, and shared our feelings, for the first time, expressing love with words. It was the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me...I feel so lucky, so loved, and so satisfied with the deep and true romance that I am thankful for every day.

We stopped taking photos shortly after Noah called his mom (above) to meet us for a picnic lunch. Between the rush to prepare foods, find and set up camp, and the (somewhat) unexpected complete rain storm, we had our hands full!
We also discovered the best Honeydew in the world.
We also went antiquing and I met his mom, sister, two nephews and niece. His sister was there too but she was a bit preoccupied with the baby and putting together sandwiches and stuff. She was nice.
It was a wonderful time!

This week I'm just trying to focus my best on preparing for my teaching tests and trying not to get to distracted with how much excitement I have for our trip this weekend...up north even more, with just us...! I already asked if the hotel has a jacuzzi and it does so, Hello, Relaxation & Romance!

How was your weekend?


Venus Loves Virgo said...

You always have the nicest photos! XOXO

Aline C. said...

Looks like a super fun weekend!
I love your handbag :D

Ines RdP said...

You look so happy and you had a great time!!!! ohhhhhhh!
I love post with a lot of feeling! <3333333 so beautiful!

tell me what about follow each other? i love your log, is amazing! so i wanna keep in touch!
let me know if you start then i will follow back right now sweety!!
have a great day and a lot of inspiration!!!

Miss Murder Carla Rodriguez Vargas said...

You have a very nice trip, you look so happy with your love <3

see you in my blog.