everlasting light.

 My hair was sooo curly today!
I had some time to take photos in privacy when my mom and sister skipped out to go to the mall and I primped and prepped for a girl's night out!
 I'm wearing: pac sun sunglasses, tj maxx blouse, american eagle skinny metallic jeans, bcbg peep toe flats
My shoes always seem to disappear in the grass during my photoshoots!
I know these new pants of mine (that I got for 11 bucks on post xmas markdowns!) look like gray leather a bit in the photos but they are actually super shiny silver jeggings. I really like them a lot, they are perfect for dressy without feeling overdressed occasions.
I even wore them to a very low key (and shotgun) wedding last week.
It's already been a bit of a crazy year!
More photos & meatier posts soon.
I've just been very busy lately.
Hope all is well on your ends & that you enjoy the day off and read at least one MLK inspirational quote...


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