mixing things up.

 I'm wearing: aeropostale jacket, tj maxx cut-out tank, charlotte rousse skirt, etienne aingner gladiator sandals
I bought this really cute army-style Aeropostale jacket last month on clearance (marked down to $20 from $75). It was the only one there and my size and has a really nice fit. I love that it has this cool back detail with fisherman-style knit and it's still lightweight enough for cool mornings or chilly nights in the spring/summer here in Phoenix. I just added it to a simple black and white fun casual summer look for a pop of color.
My legs are all wet in the last photo because I got rudely surprised by my automatic sprinkler system at the end of the shoot! Totally forgot about those guys.


water lilies.

 I'm wearing: charlotte rousse x-back t-shirt, free people body con dress, tory burch flats

I realized that the pink in my old dress really complimented the pink in my new shirt and it made me happy to pair them together.
Today's fashion shoot was an opportunity to relax by the pool in a cute summer look and also show off (a bit) my new (secondhand) Tory Burch flats! I love them!
Every teacher should have a pair :)
They are so comfy and practical and still a bit showy and designer-conscious but not enough to feel like a jerk, just enough to feel classy and stylish.
Do you like Tory Burch flats ?
How was your Easter?


fiesta dress.

 I'm wearing: dress by american eagle, pac sun sunglasses, aerosoles espadrilles
So this dress is pretty bright and slightly obnoxious, reminds me a tiny bit of the Bounty Paper Towel logo but my friend convinced me to buy it, it was $12 at tj maxx and it fits really well, is a conversative length and has pockets which is perfect for work.


shoe & tell.

steampunk. (by Siren) paired with corsets, metal accessories, gear jewelry, petticoats

cyberpunk. (by YRU)  paired with neons, dreadfalls, arm warmers, goggles.
 punkrock version of spats. (by Aldo) paired with anarchist spirit, tattoos, piercings, band patches, pins, spikes, pyramid studs, heavy eyeliner, big headphones

 country star boots.(by Old Gringo) paired with a pageant smile, daisy dukes, white peasant blouse, texas belt buckle, turquoise jewelry
glamorpuss. (by Derek Lam) paired with diamonds, a cocktail dress with a tulle hem, a cosmo in hand
  the cityslicker. (by Brian Atwood) paired with ripped designer jeans (cuffed), a cheeky graphic t-shirt, a trendy hat, an Acne cropped biker jacket that has never seen an actual motorcycle

the flower child. (by Sbicca) pair with a long, flowy dress, daisy chains, peace sign jewelry, a guitar, harmonica, or mandolin

the greek goddess (by victoria's secret) pair with a white grecian dress, rich red wine, gold jewelry, a deep tan

the pinup princess. (by Miss L Fire) pair with polka dots (of course!), a cropped/heavy bangs haircut, cat eye glasses, & the salvation army's finest
 the boating babe (by shelley's london) pair with J.Crew everything, a khaki mini skirt, anchor charm bracelet, cute red sweater set, pearls, tommy hilfiger stuff & yacht club membership
all images from google/tumblr/pinterest.

Are you any of these 10 shoe types?
I was just having a bit of fun and checking out the latest for this season. I would probably wear all of these...I think it's fun how much personality you can gauge from a simple pair of shoes!
Of course the corresponding photos are literal interpretations, in the real world, there is a lot of crossover and mixing of styles.