the big 3 'oh.'

 My boyfriend turned 30 this past week and it has basically been a whirlwind of fun, shopping, eating cake, winning tickets to a free comedy show (that turned out to be the best show any of us have ever been to), seeing his family, being tourists in a western town, and other shenanigans.

I've been pretty busy with school this past week since I'm already wrapping up my last clasroom style class before student teaching.

I'm also looking into PhD programs which may just end up costing me another 60K in student loans.

I'm just not sure what's next. I don't know. But is it exciting?
Hell, yeah.


summer grilling.

 summer nights by the grill with the sweet smell of bbq sauce & pineapple hibiscus home-brewed iced tea...
these are the nights I live for, that I look forward to when I wake up in the morning and reminisce about as I lay my head down to sleep <3 p="">


Blue Belle.

 I'm wearing: tj maxx shirt, anthropologie skirt, MIA sandals, tignanello crossbody bag, ray ban sunglasses, target rhinestone headband, my new skagen watch :D

Well here it is--another Bluesy Tuesday look with my super blue color-rich ruffled pencil skirt from anthropologie. I bought a few weeks ago on mega clearance (it was only $12) and my mom actually picked it out and announced her approval when I tried it on. I bought another clearance skirt with it, an oxblood-colored faux leather skirt with more of a tulip hem that is just as cute and by the same brand.
I think the tricky thing with this sort of body con skirt is to be aware that the top needs to be balanced out and a bit looser to allow for good proportions. As long as I have my waist defined and have my curves really accentuated, I feel sexy and confident.
I really love my new watch that my boyfriend bought me as a gift (I wanted a sleek and expensive watch for student teaching since I am always with one eye on the clock) and I love my little purple purse that I have been using all the time. I know it's not really fancy or designer or anything like that but it's good Italian leather and so convenient and light. It adds a fun pop of color to most of my outfits and purple is a power color after all. It also has a built in wallet.

Anyway, hope you like my look & shout out to all my followers new & old, and special thanks and love for you all that have been with me since the first post--905 posts ago!
Look how far we've come!



a weekend away.

 what a fabulous trip...

Last weekend, Noah & I went away to a fantastical trip up North! We visited a cute coffee shop, stayed in a rustic hotel right near a prison, saw some overpriced tourist crap, touched and posed in front of beautiful red rocks in Sedona, went for a night swim, got sick from terrible hotel included breakfast, listened to Noah's rad road mixtape in the car, and best of all, went to Bearizona!
Bearizona is a delightful (for all ages and animal-lovers) safari-type park where the animals are very happy and friendly and literally right outside your car for most of the experience. There was also a perfectly goat-heaven petting zoo where I was just as happy as could be. Goats have always been one of my favorite farm animals of all. They are so cute with their little horns and eyes full of attitude and expression!

We had an absolute blast!
It was a really fun get away and the happiest part of everything, as always with us, is just that we got to spend so much time together <3 p="">
Ever go to a safari-type park?
Any vacations this summer for you?