this month in pictures.

 Early December, I recieved my Masters & Certification. This is a huge accomplishment and it was the sweetest too being able to share it with one of my best friends and loved ones <3 p="">

 After my successful job interview, being hired on the spot!
 it DOES snow in Arizona :)


 Fun night out drinking @ at an Irish Pub & coming home to the kittens :3

This month, I finished moving in and decorating a gorgeous apartment with my wonderful fiance, graduated with my Masters, had my first Arizona Snow Day, was hired for a Middle School position in an autism classroom, & celebrated my fiance's cousin's birthday and got to meet more of his family.
Next week, his dad is coming to visit from Utah & my cousins from Maryland are staying with my parents.
Lots of fun family things and more photos to come soon!

Hope you are having a great month too!
What are your highlights so far?


swedish summer 2015.

I can't believe it's 2015 and nearly halfway through January.
How did that happen?!?
My New Year with my fiance was fun and super duper lowkey.
We drank somewhat heavily and played a lot of card games and ate a lot of fried foods (buffalo chicken dip, reuben-style eggrolls, crab creamcheese wonton puffs,) and flame-torched s'mores with his cousins. We weren't even watching the right channel on tv and missed the actual balldrop!
Pretty funny, really.

I am already planning my summer wardrobe (I am hoping to teach ESY--or Extended School Year) or maybe work in a teen travel camp or another teacher-appropriate decent-paying job that will allow me to add to paying off student loans, saving for a wedding, and saving for our upcoming spring trip to NY! So excited. It's nearly around the corner, in April. Pretty awesome.

So this Spring/Summer, Swedish Hasbeens will be a big part of my fashion life since I have recently acquired two gorgeous pairs on Mega Clearance (50% +) on Amazon. How could I resist?
Especially after looking at so many stylish ladies on Pinterest rocking their SH's the hell out!

Some photos:
  images from google, chictopia, swedishhasbeens on fb & pinterest
so basically, they are awesome, eco-friendly, sturdy, comfortable and easy to incorporate into any style, but especially for those girls with a bit of vintage flair.
I think they will be just perfect for my teacher looks and summer dates & picnics.

Here are the two pairs that I now own:
 (Ornament  in Natural Color & Heart Medallion in Red Low Heel)
 I have to say, I really preferred the heart ones in the beginning but I really love the ornament ones too--they are both the same low heel and just seem like really perfect dainty little clogs for the girl on the go.
The break-in process has also been really easy. The ankle straps are really non-constrictive and the exorbitant toe-cleavage and toe-exposure aspect of the shoes (which put me off and scared me while viewing photos online) is way more normal and not as exposed as I suspected. I mean, I will have to maintain my pedicures more, definitely, but I don't feel like my feet are bursting out the cracks or anything which is very good, indeed.

Anyway, that concludes this Sunday Shoe Post.
I guess it seems like a weird time of the year to and discuss summer shoes but honestly, they are the best prices now. Who cares if they are last year's model? They are still very much in style and just as fab as the new ones coming out that will basically be the same thing in different colors, I guarantee it!

Do you like SH clogs?
Would you buy a pair now?
What kind of shoes are you looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?



new orange coat & yearly shopping reflection.

I"m wearing: coat-oasap, boots-vintage ninewest, boot thunderbird charms-etsy, dress-free people, socks-upscale cheapskate
I know I really shouldn't be doing so much shopping without having a teaching job (or any job) properly landed yet but I'm definitely a 'stress shopper' and with all the overwhelming emotions of my grandfather being very sick in the hospital, trying to plan a wedding when I know next-to-nothing about planning a wedding or where the best places to get married in Arizona are, having a lot of trouble getting my certification tests to be registered with my necessary visually required accommodations, moving from my family home to my my first ever love nest with my wonderful fiance, & graduating with my Masters, have seemed to all added up to a lot of expenses and a lot of wallet-opening.
To be fair, I know I have saved tons of money already by buying my wedding dress, veil, and shoes online at very reasonable and fair prices. I have also saved a lot of money by going to State Colleges and earning my own pocket money by working retail for years. I have decided I have earned the splurging and so my main purchases this year have been:

-My new orange toggle 3-way-convertible coat ($60 with promotions)
-These Studded Western Boots (Ariat)

-These 2 pairs of Turquoise Earrings: ($50)

-These Lace-Up Granny Boots (Sam Edelman) ($30 with Amazon gift card added, on clearance)
-4 Teacher Dressy/Interview Outfits from Macy's ($140 for 4 items, 2 designer dresses and 2 designer sweaters)
-This new Coach Bag (given to me for my birthday from Noah, on clearance)
-A new Samsung Galaxy Phone (given to me by my parents for my birthday)

So with reviewing my purchases this year and big gifts as well, I would like to take a moment to appreciate how lucky I am, how generous my family and fiance are, how fortunate I feel to be able to afford and have such beautiful material things.

I realize that material things are so little of life but they still bring comfort and joy to everyday dressing and social interactions. They would mean nothing without having so many other fulfilling things in my life.

Even though I am feeling a bit overspent at the moment (I just paid for 3 teaching tests out of pocket to the tune of $250), I know I will have a job soon, I am doing all of the right things, I hopefully have engagement money coming my way soon, and I am absolutely madly in love with both my faince and my apartment <3 p="">
I can't ask for anything else this holiday season (except maybe a proper dining room table and full dinnerware?) but in all seriousness, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
I am not sure yet what to buy my Noah for the holidays but hopefully, I will think of something special soon!

What do you want for the holidays?
What did you spend the most money on this year?


year 26.

Since my birthday, at the end of October--already nearly two months, a TON has been going on.
Maybe these photos will give you a better idea!

-I turned 26 and it was wonderful. Noah really treated me with tickets to see Penn & Teller live in the city, where we actually got lucky enough to meet them (and I may have gushed a teensy bit) after the show!
-We also had our first Halloween together which was a blast--I visited my first ever corn maze! We found Noah the most perfectly creepy cat mask last minute at Party City, too!
-We had areally nice post-engagement/showing off the new Subaru trip to see Noah's family and it was super fun to eat lunch by the lake and take a drive up to where he first said he loved me!


-At the beginning of the month, we were able to do a fabulous auto-timed photoshoot with Noah's fancy camera in my parents' backyard. It was really fun. Plus, I entered one of the shots in a David's Bridal sweepstakes...
-November was the month of hikes for us! We have started to hike once a weekend (sometimes more) since the weather is so perfect and gorgeous.
We also had our first Thanksgiving together, but unfortunately, I was super sick and not in a photo mood and we barely stayed at my parents' house for more than an hour after eating since I was a disaster. I missed 2 days of school as well!
Glad that's over.


 3 different hikes--Tanto National Park, Superstition Mountains, & Macdowell (in random order)

This month is just beginning. Things are already a bit crazy with my upcoming Masters graduation & search for a perfect teaching job (I have a pretty sure bet for the fall but I would like to work before then too).
We have also just moved in together last week--discovering our dream apartment only a few miles from my family and in the perfect location to access all the joys Arizona has to offer.
We are so happy, so in love, so excited for our upcoming nuptials & the journey ahead!

Sorry to be an absent blogger,
peace & love!