recent reads.

I really loved this book. It was very unrealistic and a bit too neatly wrapped up (many reviewers said) but honestly, I thought the fast pace and quick unraveling of secrets and dead ends was really gratifying and gripping. I couldn't put it down and decided to suspend my skepticism with historical facts and technology and detectives and love, and other things. I just let it sweep me away in fields of tulips, loss, love, and secrets. I definitely recommend this book! A-

Despite being classified as a juvenile/young adult book,  I really think it was very adult and grown up in nature, themes, and language. There was so much depth to it and I got really entertained and involved in the wild and fantastical tale of two orphans that find themselves in New York City and a couple of other boroughs meeting the most bizarre yet strangely real and solid cast of characters that I've encountered in a novel in the longest time. I would even read this book again, I loved it so much..it touched me and really resounded with me. I loved the message, the adventure, and the heart. A+

I've been an Annette Blair fan for ages but somehow, this witch novel from the beginning slipped through my cracks and I haven't actually read it until last week. It is just as wonderful as her other withcy fun tales in Salem. I love the setting and the characters, the chemistry flies off the pages and the fashion fun and vintage flair of Blair's characters is always appreciated. I love that her leading women have curves, sex appeal, and confidence. They don't really need men, they just need love. It's really refreshing and a nice way to mix up the girly books a bit by throwing one of her books in the lot. I still love 'My Favorite Witch' the most from her because the sex scenes were some of the hottest and realistic ones I've ever read! I also really loved the hockey player tough guy lead in that one, in this one, I wasn't really as sold on the stuffed suit reformed bad boy. I like it better when the bad boy past is much more obvious! That's just me though. A-

It was a really good month to read.
Any good books on your end?


last weekend in pictures...

I have trouble even putting into words how amazing our whole weekend was!
Noah & I went on our first day trip, up to Payson (his home town) with a few neighboring towns in on the action. We went horseback riding (which he surprised me with!), looked at views, and shared our feelings, for the first time, expressing love with words. It was the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me...I feel so lucky, so loved, and so satisfied with the deep and true romance that I am thankful for every day.

We stopped taking photos shortly after Noah called his mom (above) to meet us for a picnic lunch. Between the rush to prepare foods, find and set up camp, and the (somewhat) unexpected complete rain storm, we had our hands full!
We also discovered the best Honeydew in the world.
We also went antiquing and I met his mom, sister, two nephews and niece. His sister was there too but she was a bit preoccupied with the baby and putting together sandwiches and stuff. She was nice.
It was a wonderful time!

This week I'm just trying to focus my best on preparing for my teaching tests and trying not to get to distracted with how much excitement I have for our trip this weekend...up north even more, with just us...! I already asked if the hotel has a jacuzzi and it does so, Hello, Relaxation & Romance!

How was your weekend?


miss america.

 I'm wearing: hot topic sunglasses, cynthia rowley dress, marc jacobs mouse flats, tj maxx belt
 I did a red, white, & blue French Manicure to match the flag!

I really fell for the criss-cross straps in the top of the dress--they remind me of pie crust!
As for my new silver mouse Marc Jacobs slingbacks--I love them, absolutely and unconditionally. They are perfectly subtle but still fun, not childish looking like a lot of the other patterns and colors in animal-face shoes. The silver features kind of blend together but still stand out. I do with that the sling back strap was adjustable instead of just elastic (it tends to dig a bit) but I'm breaking them in nicely and have worn them almost every day this week. Of course this weekend, I'm cowgirling up a bit and strapping on my western boots and cut off shorts to go upstate!

I hope you all had a lovely week & get to have a lot of fun and fireworks this holiday weekend with the ones you love!
I'm going up North with Noah to have a picnic by the lake with his mother, niece, and sister. We are bringing sushi since it's hard to come by up there and I'm making a fresh batch of brownie swirl ice cream for little Hannah (and the rest of us too!).

Tomorrow night, we are seeing the fireworks together for the first time as a couple with another couple that we are friends with :)

Peace, Patriotism, & Love!


wedding wednesday.

images from pinterest, tumblr, google images, we heart it

Of course, these are all ideas and inspiration, I would not actually want all or multiples of thiese or copies to exact...as for my dress, I picture something tea length and vintage inspired and I want my hair out but out of my face with victory curls perhaps and flowers only on the crown to attach to a veil.
I want a south western affair and bridesmaids uniformity and matching guests colors would be important.
These photos are just as forever as the man but really the man is more important than any plans could allow for.
I do not see myself ever becoming anything like a bridezilla but I do think about these things, these details, these decorations and pretty things.

It's just nice to imagine and dream about such a lavish and fun affair! Princess for a day...
Your dream wedding?