the girl in the denim suit.

I'm wearing: rayban sunglasses, denim shirt from pacsun, banana republic pencil skirt, mel by melissa heart peep toe flats, red belt from tjmaxx, denim studded blazer from salsit, lavender pearl necklace from ebay

 I'm really enjoying my fall vacation from student teaching. On Monday I start my last eight weeks of classes, crazy as it seems.
I've been reading a lot and watching a lot of tv (posts on those soon) & trying to clean up some misspelled labels and editorial stuff on my blog this week as well as getting my resume back into working shape.

I've been thinking a lot this morning about my upcoming job interviews, open house, and professional future looming in the distance.

I'm definitely the kind of girl though that will always have a hint of fun and edge no matter what I wear (even if it's just a spiked earring or cheeky pair of pumps--so this denim suit idea popped into my head and seemed a nice vehicle to showoff my latest gift from Noah, a beautiful Lavender Pearl strand from the seas of China. I love it! It's different and cool.

I also am working on my Etsy shop as well, cleaning out my jewelry collection so please take a look if you have time, it will be updated every month or so as well.

Hope you are having lovely Octobers!


wedding inspiration for the budget bride (who likes purple & flowers),



 The bottom two images are the closest to what I want for table settings and my actual dress...I want that mix of Arizona/Cowgirl appeal with floral and girly bridal and bridesmades dresses that show all me and my girs' personalities!

Noah & I are thinking probably 60-80 guests but still crunching numbers and trying to calculate.
Luckily too, my parents are chipping in more than they originally said so we are to sure to have a classy, elegant, and nice venue!

For me, the most important things in the venue are a beautiful view, good food, and simple but fun decorations (I really love the mexican blanket table runner to tie in with Noah's mother's Mexican descent).

As far as the wedding itself goes, the most important things to me are:
1. My husband-to-be, he is the dreamiest and perfect for me
2. Our rings (these are FOREVER, you know)
mine are here:

  my set is this same one by Artmasters but in while gold.

his will be: this same band but custom hyroglyph-d with my own personal message ;)
3. The most important people we love are there
4. We have a rabbi or at the very least a somewhat traditional ceremony under a chuppa
5. We have enough money for a honeymoon
6 We have personal and from-the-heart vows
7 We have a sweet soundtrack
8 My dress  (and bridesmaids infiinity dresses) will be just right
9 The photographer will capture everything just right and also take portraits of us before the cermony of just us
10 Our guests have a great time

I think that's all for now.
I will say, or confess, that I have ordered a dress from China like so many other budget brides do. I'm anxious about it because reviews are so mixed but it was the only one that had that purple and floral pop that attracts me so and makes me feel special and different and dying to wear it right now.

Apparently, the company has accepted my money and my order is being worked on in the shop but I won't know more for another two or three weeks. Of course, I really hope my dress comes through and is stunning and beautiful and everything and more that I want in a wedding dress but I am nervous about the workmanship and quality and my mom is already putting the whammy on it.

More soon.




This past weekend has been one of the best of my life.
The man of my dreams, my soulmate & one and only asked me to marry him at our first date location, six months later!

He whisked me away to a beautiful cliff-side resort where we celebrated our love with champagne, a fireplace, some good friends (and surprise photographers in my case!) and some excellent food and happiness!

I hope everyone out there finds the kind of love that Noah & I have.

On a somewhat related note, I am also in the process of updating my blog info (I'm sick of my Charles nickname and want to use my real name, Melissa, at this point in my life).
I also want to offer some truly real and useful wedding tips that won't waste your time.

I want to switch some things around a bit on my archive and blog set up (it helps that my groom-to-be is a computer techie wizard), and get back to blogging regularly, at least bi-weekly.

That will be all!
Cheers & good wishes to you all.

Thank you for the support!
The kind words on social media this past forty eight hours and outpouring of blessings means the world to me <3 p="">
To simply have Noah would be more than enough for a lifetime, but to have such a loving and supportive family, friend, and fanbase humbles and touches me!

Don't make me cry, you guys!
I didn't cry yet. I was more of a trembly, shaky, ball of nerves all through dinner!



not bad, just very, very busy.

I'd prefer to think of myself lately not as a bad blogger, but as a busy, busy, busy Student Teacher.
I honestly admit that my accelerated Masters and Certification program is taking every second of free time and loose charged energy I've had in my body...my weekends are a two second seeming rush of joy and freedom and sweet love that are all-too-soon exchanged for heaps of work,grading, and other such teacherly things.

I have 4 certification tests to prepare to as well as a wedding to dream about (although I refuse to do my first post until we are engaged).

I just can't wait until my free December when I will be a graduate and back into the job market but this time, more properly earned for a real grown-up job. The kind of job that will pay my expensive medical bills and help save up for our house.

Last week, I was also absolutely sick to my stomach with a dreadful stomach flu lasting a whole seven days. I still have a bit of it but it's starting to FINALLY go away. I feel like I lost twenty pounds and everything I ate since last year. It was a complete nightmare and gut-wrenching pain.
I tried joking that it might make morning sickness easier once we start having babies in a couple years but you know, the weird thing with pain is how easy it is to forget that feeling until it comes back again.

Stupid pain.
I hope you are all having good Septembers. It's almost over though, you know. How did that happen, anyway?