pretty chill, lowkey 4th of July for me.

I know it's July 4th and I usually am very festive and loudly red, white, & blue but without my boo here---I just feel sort of like wearing white and purple and sitting around my house watching television and reading an awesome book.
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I'm hoping to do do some writing this week
and update my shoe catalog (see from the tabs).

I hope ya'll have a great & safe holiday and I'm looking forward to checking out all of your patriotic outfits and Old Glory splendor this weekend :)


~cowgirl clearance~

 Very Volatile tall suede 3' cowgirl boots, $46      Old Gringo, $115 
Ferrini gorgeous studded dream catcher boots, $195    Ferrini, $109
Dan Post adorable heart studded 'shabby chic' boot, $175    Dan Post, $105

Justin boots, $104                                        Dan Post, $180

All boots are available on amazon, some on 6pm. Summer is a great time to buy discounted boots! And you can still wear them in the heat with some cutoffs and lightweight socks ;)

Finding these kind of great details under $200 by some really good brands is rare, so if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself unable to resist this kind of deal on cowgirl style!

What do you think?
And....Happy July!!!


wedding wesnesday: inspiration dump.

photos found on etsy, tumblr, pinterest, google images, the knot, rock & roll bride, & indulgy
As you can see...I'm really dreaming of dream catchers everywhere, rustic touches, a bit of cowgirl charm (not enough to scare off my fiance), rustic touches, laid back vibe, pretty turquoise, grays, soft purples, feathers, wildflowers, arrows, lots of laughing, vintage vibes, guests with lots of their own style :)

What do you think?
I hope you guys aren't going crazy with my excessive wedding posts, it's okay if you are sick of them, I understand, I kind of have a bride-centric brain right now, I blame my overwhelming excitement and joy at marrying the man of my dreams <3 br="">


as far as multiple dresses go...

I'm actually thinking it might be really fun to have two...
 ABOVE: dressilyme $116 (I would have them add a tulle bow to the other side for symmetry)
BELOW: ikerene bridal $155 (that back, and the layered skirt just has me swooning)
 So, I'm definitely heavily tempted to buy the first dress, it's exactly what I pictured in my head for a second dress that I could use for the rehearsal, to pose in photos, to wear for fancy nights out, I just love the shape and vintage pin up vibe. It's very me!
I love the second dress too but I'm not crazy about the champagne color or the high neckline--even though it's sweetheart, I just hate collars on dresses, I'm weird.

This is my 1st dress, my main dress, the one I ordered right after the engagement, last November!
I'm in love with it, but I also know how many photos (100s I'm going to be in) and I know I will be a bride just this once so why not have a wardrobe change?
I just don't know yet.

I will have a better idea too, once we finalize the date and venue :)
We are getting very close!

What do you guys think?
Multiple Dresses?
One dress?
Veil the whole ceremony?
These are questions I'm thinking a lot about!

Also, I'm definitely planning on a nontraditional garter such as these:
 ABOVE: beach aura, $26 on etsy and BELOW: both by rock this leg on etsy $35

 Any feedback?
I love to know what you guys think :)