shakespear here.

 I'm wearing:shakespeare t-shirt from washington dc, pencil skirt from renaur (israel), bag from fossil, sunglasses from pac sun, wedges from spring step (israel)
just a fun little outfit for my night classes & a nice Jewish meal with some friends that were excited to try Jewish food for the first time after class!
Can I just say now that Flourless Cake is quite possibly my actual soul mate? #passovergoodness

Oh and here is a photo of me before the sedar on Tuesday night. I wore a nice little conversative pencil dress (from Charlotte Rousse) and ate, drank, & was merry with new friends and old friends. We are lucky to have a really great rabbi on campus! It made being away from my family so much easier. He is a really wonderful speaker :)


another dream wasted on you.

 I'm wearing: tj maxx sweater, tj maxx headband, charlotte rousse skirt, american eagle camisole, vintage america by nine west boots, kenneth cole aviators, givenchy pearl drop earrings, zara belt
Just a simple school outfit I threw together this week for night classes. It's pretty basic but then when I turn around, there's a bunch of fun details--gold buttons down the back, a gold studded bow belt, & my trusty reverse combat boots. I probably could have worn several different skirts but this one has a fun pattern and I like how it flares out.

If you go to school or when you went to school, what did you find yourself wearing most of the time?
Did you like to stand out or blend in?
I like to do my hair in the morning and put together something cute but simple--you never know who you're going to meet (my mom always says) and I personally was glad I looked my best when one of my professors brought in a visiting professor from another campus that was seriously Dr. Hotstuff. No wedding ring either...just saying!

I thought I could live in your arms
And spend every moment I had with you
Stay up all night with the stars
Confess all the faith that I had in you 

Happy Mid-week Wednesday :)


country lovin' blues.

 I'm wearing: Kenneth Cole aviators, ae outfitters blouse, mango jeans, bed-stu for antrhopologie cowgirl boots, h&m reworked brass swallow necklace, vintage gold belt bangle
My parents hate how revealing (in the back) my blouse is but I love an open back (as long as I can sneak a bra in, I'm sold). I got these boots in DC and have worn them nearly every day ever since. They are so amazingly broken in and comfortable. A bit of a bitch to pull on but once they are on, I'm ready to rock'n'roll!
Today is a special Bluesy Tuesday because I came to a realization over the weekend (Country Thunder at full swing in Phoenix) that I am maybe not so against country music and country dressing (once in a while) as my cosmopolitan side likes to think!
There I was in a Mexican themed dive bar with sand and dirt on the floors and christmas lights strung from the plank-like ceiling, tapping my boots to a band called the Redneck Rockstars with two of my best-in-the-west girl friends!
I couldn't believe what a different kind of life I live in now--I had a moment, looking past the bleary eyed guy promising tequila shots and slurred singing to his girlfriend and couldn't help but think that I was in such a different and cool place than I had ever been.

I'm pretty okay with Carrie Underwood/Faith Hill/Shania Twain kind of country-lite music! I may even be planning on testing the waters of line dancing with my friends this spring/summer season!

I guess there's nothing wrong with letting the cowgirl come out every once in a while. I mean--I kind of live in the west now!
I'm far from New York but close to something good. I can feel it.


having luck in spades.

 I'm wearing: bailey 55 cold shoulder top, anthropologie cargo pants, charlotte rousse pumps, kenneth cole aviators, anthropolige gold heart necklace (old), jade bracelet, seahorse threader earrings, vintage gold & silver belt buckle bangle, vintage reverse brown & black leather belt, kate spade iPad 2 case
Behold, my new Ipad case by Kate Spade that I completely lucked out by finding @ TJ Maxx this morning for---19,99. How great is that? Plus I had my special Easter bonus associate's discount this weekend...so I also bought this new pair of Kenneth Cole aviators (@ $12.99) because I couldn't find my UO ones anywhere. I love that my new case is super padded and has a built in stand. My Lily Pullitzer alligator one was super duper adorable--a much cuter pattern, to be honest) but didn't fit as nicely or have as much cushion or the bulit-in stand feature :D

So happy.
Love Kate Spade. And her brother-in-law, David, too!

Find any good Springtime steals yet?
It's a gorgeous day but it's cold at work so I dressed a bit fall-ish.